LS-460 Series

The LS-460 Series Long Shooter Pole extends the reach of your gas or powder actuated tool. Specifically designed to work with the following tools:

Hilti® DX460

Hilti® DX351

Hilti® DX351ME

Hilti® DX2

DeWalt® DFD270SK

DeWalt® DFD270MK

Ramset® T3

Ramset® E150

Ramset® R150

Ramset® XT540

Ramset® FrameBoss

Ramset® T3SS

Simpson® PTP-27S

Simpson® GCN-MEP

Simpson® GFC34

Powers™ C3

Powers™ C5

Available in 4′, 6′, 8′ & 10′ lengths.

Product Codes: LS-4-460 (4′ pole), LS-6-460 (6′ pole), LS-8-460 (8′ pole) & LS-10-460 (10′ pole)

The Longshooter Extension Pole for Powder Actuated Tools

Sturdy light weight fiberglass construction

Dielectric, meets OSHA’s standards

Heat treated aluminum casting

Increases safety by keeping your employees on the ground

Time and cost efficient

Made in USA

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